Many of my pieces are self finishing.


In the 1 inch squares I offer wine and olive oil bottle stopperes, pendants, wine charms, canvas magnets/needle minders and cuff links.  Click here for square self finishing directions. 


In the 1 inch circular shape I offer wine bottle stoppers and pendants.  Click here for round self finishing directions.


I also offer self finishing bracelet cuffs. Click here for bracelet cuff finishing instructions. 


I now offer 4 inch square self finishing coasters.  Click here for coaster finishing.  Do not leave rubber bands on for more than 12 hours. Sulfur in rubber bands combined with mosture (humidity) causes silver to tarnish.  You can also use Emi Jay hair ties instead.


I also offer select square designs in cross stitch.  Click here for 1 inch square cross stitch finishing.  


Mezuzah Finishing - See step by step pictures below.  Cut out needlepoint leaving 6-7 rows of blanks canvas all around.  Snip out corners.  Fold "antenas" back behind stitched canvas.  Finger press canvas back on all 4 sides.  Roll blank canvas to the inside around prayer scroll so all blank canvas is hidden.  Insert into acyrlic tube.  Put plug in the end. 



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